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Dräger UCF 7000 - Thermal Imaging Camera

This Atex Thermal Imaging Camera offers the maximum level of safety in explosive atmospheres, ATEX Zone 1.

  • One Hand Operation
  • Excellent Image Quality with R`esolution of 160 x 120px
  • Integrated Laser Pointer
  • Thermal Image Snapshot Function
  • 2 x Zoom
  • Optimsed Display with Application Specific Operating modes
  • Integrated Video and Sound Recording
  • Intrinsically Safe - ATEX ib T4 (Zone 1)

  • Drager UCF 7000
    The camera is equipped with innovative functions to meet and satisfy today's requirements for professional search and rescue and firefighting personnel.

    The Dräger UCF 7000 is heat resistant and tough with a protection class of IP 66 and IP 67, the Dräger UCF 7000 camera is resistant to typical conditions encountered during an operation such as water and dust.

    The Dräger UCF 7000 delivers excellent images to firefighters even if visibility is less than optimal. A resolution of 160 x 120 pixels as well as a 2x zoom provide a detailed impression of the situation.

    Thanks to the "application switch" (application-specific operating modes), the Dräger UCF 7000 makes it possible to optimize the image display of the camera for the specific task at hand. For example, the camera's display can be optimized for finding persons or finding sources of fire.

    One of three additional operating modes is quickly selected just by pressing a button:
    – Fire (firefighting)
    – Persons (search and rescue)
    – ThermalScan (searching for hotspots) This additional selection provides firefighters with better insights in any situation..

    The integrated laser pointer significantly simplifies pointing out the position of hazards – such as hotspots – to other team members and clearly defines the path of attack.

    The Dräger UCF 7000 always offers a high temperature resolution – even in hot situations. This makes it possible to detect cooler objects such as people even in the vicinity of a fire with best possible resolution.

    Integrated video- and sound recording functions as well as the ability to record single images are part of the Dräger UCF 7000 delivery scope.

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    Drager UCF 7000
    Dimensions 125 x 280 x 110 mm
    Weight 1,335 g incl. battery
    Display Type Liquid cristal display (LCD)
    Display Size 9 cm (3.5")
    Protection cover Rubber material EPDM
    Carrying loops High-temperature resistant material
    Housing Material High-temperature resistant plastic
    Protection Class IP 66 and 67
    Type of Sensor a-Si Microbolometer Array
    Resolution 160 x 120 Pixel
    IR spectral 7 to 14 μm
    Temp. Sensitivity < 0,05°C (nominal)
    Picture Frequency 25 Hz