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Samcon CCTV & Ex Surveillance & Monitoring Cameras

Samcon Ex camera & cctv systems range from simple monitoring applications to fully controllable digital video monitoring systems with voice transmission. SAMCON Excam cameras are manufactured for use in explosion risk areas, such as Oil plants and gas plants (Onshore and Offshore)

  • Chemical Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Refineries
  • Security
  • Power plants
  • Mines, Compost Plants/Waste Fills
Samcom Ex Camera

These SAMCON Excam Cameras are available in Aluminium or Stainless Steel housings. Aluminum housings are ideal for outdoor applications and have outstanding heat conduction properties when combined with the sun shade. Excam stainless steel housings are designed for applications in chemically aggressive environments. Both housings are designed with IP67 protection and are resistant to seawater. The borosilicate glass of the housing is scratch-proof and free of optical distortions. View Details

Heating when it‘s cold!
Some cameras of the ExCam Series are optionally available with a self-regulating housing heating system. The housing heating systems decides on its own, whether heating is necessary keeping camera lenses free of ice to deliver excellent images - even under extreme temperatures.

Excam Vario

Samcon Excam Vario, Excam Vario
The ExCam vario is an explosion proof camera with variofocal lens and DC-Iris. The ExCam Vario is Atex certified for dust and gas explosion risk zones. With its manually adjustable lens, the camera concludes a product gap to our controlable explosion proof camera systems such as the ExCam miniZoom or the ExCam niteZoom.

Excam miniZoom

Excam MiniZoom, Samcon Excam
The ExCam miniZoom is the world's smallest explosion-proof zoom camera of its class. Despite its compact dimensions, this video camera has a 10x motorised zoom lens, allowing it to be optimally adapted to a specific angle and lighting situation.

Excam NiteZoom

Excam niteZoom
The ExCam niteZoom incorporates the newly-developed Super HAD CCD II sensor that offers highly improved sensitivity and colour reproduction compared to earlier sensors. The Excam NiteZoom can operate with a minimum illumination of 0.25 lx, and has 10x Optical Zoom.

Excam IP

Samcon Excam IP
With our ExCam IP, a full-fledged network camera is available for hazardous areas and explosion risk zones. The video streams can be directly controlled via Ethernet. This means that there is no further need for a video server! Power is passed, along with data, via the network cable (IEEE 802.3af). This eliminates the costly installation of power cables.

Excam IP135X

Samcon Excam HD
The ExCam IP135x series comprises of three models, ExCam IP1354, ExCam IP1355 and ExCam IP1357. These are IP-Variofocal-Cameras for use in hazardous areas with 1mp, 2mp & 5mp versions.

Excam IPQ1755

Samcon IPQ1755
The ExCam IPQ1755 is a powerful IP-megapixel camera (2 megapixels) for use in hazardous areas – nt only offering superb HDTV resolution (1920 x 1080) but also complementing our ExCam-IP135x Series by an integrated power 10 x auto zoom and auto focus features.

Atex Dome Camera

Atex Dome Camera
The Hytec DTR120ZEXPEVIWP is an explosion proof dome camera that is Atex certified. This stainless steel atex dome camera is available in analoque or digital versions, comes with 5m cable and is 100% compatible with the ExCam Series.

Atex PTZ Camera

Atex PTZ Camera
This explosion proof PTZ camera positioning system It is Atex certified and designed for use in explosion risk areas where flammable gases and powders can be present and is therefore ideal for use as video surveillance in the chemical, oil and gas industries.

Atex Boroscope Camera- Excam liteTube

Excam liteTube, Samcon Excam Lite Tube
The ExCam liteTube is an explosion proof zoom borescope camera that is Atex certified. Used with Olympus borescopes, its 1/3‘‘ interline transfer CCD image sensor delivers sharp and crisp images - even through very small holes. In connection with special borescopes, the camera can even look around corners.

SAMCONtrol is the world's first purely browser-based video management system. This means there is no need to install additional software or hardware other than a standard web browser in order to operate your ex camera network from computer, notepad or smartphone. click here for more info



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